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    Panasonic HDC-TM700 / TM900 Owners - What format are you shooting and editing in Elements


      So in the last week I have gone through several hundred pages of Video Editing Software forums only to still be just as confused as when I started.


      Obviously the newer Panasonic camcorders have some fantastic options for capturing video (1080 60p) however it appears there are no real great options for editing unless you want to spend a LOT of money as well as have a top notch workstation to edit.


      What are the other TM700 / TM900 owners doing to edit their video with Elements? What formats to you film with and do you use anything to get the video in a import friendly format for Elements that doesn't mean losing all of your quality?


      I have no problems outputing down to 720p 60 but would really like to have the highest quality original footage that can be used in Elements.



      I recently moved to a MacBook Pro from PC where I used to use an older version of Pinnacle Systems Studio and was hoping I could find a great Mac alternative with my newly purchased TM900.


      The problem I ran into is the available options and cost.


      I looked at Final Cut Pro X however the only way to import my 1080 60p footage is to use a wrapper such as ClipWrap but I hear a lot of people are still not please with FCPX which doesn't make sense to spend $300 and then another $50 (ClipWrap) for a product that doesn't work that great.


      I was all ready to buy Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 as it does everything I need (import 1080 60p and output in any format you need including great DVD / Blu-ray options) until I found out it is not supported on MacBook Pro's (may run but not supported).


      I would love to buy Elements 10 as it appears you can output to 720p 60 which the quality would be very similar to my footage at 1080 60p however I have not figured out how to get my footage into Elements.


      I don't want to shoot with sub-par options but also don't have the money to buy PP CS 5.5 and build a beefy workstation to support editing.


      I hope some current HD camcorder owners have some great feedback on how which format they use to capture footage and or what additional converters / wrappers they have used with great success.