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    Preloader Changes Orientation Then Back to Starting Orientation

    paulhart83 Level 1



      I have a preloader in my flex app:


      public class MyPreloader extends Sprite implements IPreloaderDisplay {




      The problem I am having is in the draw function. When the app starts, it rotates to the "natural" orientation then back to the orientation the app was launched at. So if I start the app on my Xoom in portrait, it switches to landscape and throws off the height and width I'm using to center the loading graphic. After the next draw call it goes back to portrait. How can I keep it from changing?


      I was looking in the application descriptor xml file and thought maybe "aspectRatio" was the property I was looking for. It seems to take only "portrait" or "landscape" and default is "natural" ... there is no option for "current". I don't want it to change!!


      The weird thing is that it gives the dimensions for landscape in portrait but the images are aligned as though it is in portrait.