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    NEED HELP:Why does InDesign automatically reformat?


      I need advice on a problem that happens every year we change our price guide.  When changing the 2011 prices to 2012 prices, InDesign sometimes automatically formats the page, thus shifting the row.  See the screen shots (it makes more sense when you see the before and after shots)



      Notice how all the information is lined up, I am about to enter in the new pricing for Grade 6



      I entered in the new pricing for Grade 6 and the row below it shifted.



      Some key notes

      • the problem only happens on left hand pages (but not all left-hand pages)
      • the problem becomes becomes more frequent when we are about half way down the document
      • there is more of an issue when we change from 3 digit to 4 digit prices


      Is there a solution to this problem?  Going back and fixing each line is frustrating and also takes up the limited time we have to complete the Price Guide. Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks!