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    almacleod Level 1

      The last reference to this error is in 2009.  Is there more info on it now?


      Let me ask this...does anyone know how to interpret adobe error messages? Something to give me a hint at what this error messge is referring to?

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          Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

          Error messages like this are low level asserts that are specific to the PPro code.  It's generally only meaningful to an engineer who works on the codebase.


          In this case, it's a range issue - something is referring to a component that's out of range to what's available.  My knee-jerk reaction is that you might be opening a project that has references to plugins that aren't installed on the system.


          If not that, my second guess would be doing something like trying to open a PPro project in an older copy, which isn't supported (ie opening a 5.5 project in 5.0, etc).  You can migrate projects forward versions, but not backwards.



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            almacleod Level 1

            That helps...it is a brand new laptop, i7, 16 gigs of ram with creative suite apps all installed together.  My only other software is AVG free anti virus and the Avid DNxHD free codecs..oh,  and Quicktime pro 7.6 or whatever the latest one is. This would not be the first time I've had problems with quicktime although it may not be the problem.  All my footage is dvcpro hd 720 by 24 frames...all new sequences on cs5.5.1.

            I've just been reviewing footage,  no effects or any editing or alterations to the original footage.  Is an codebase engineer likely to see this post?  How do I further my search?


            update...error  496 is listed here.  its the only hit I got.

            -http://code.google.com/p/stroy/source/browse/trunk/modules/ad/src/main/resources/org/openC age/babel/unspecifc_en.properties


            this page lists error codes (I think) and 496 says: 


            AnErrorOccurredWhileGatheringBurningDeviceInformation=An error occurred while gathering burning device information


            is this the source of my misery or just a red herring across my path?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              With the "burning device" reference, I would investigate the multi-drive on the system. Might not be an issue, but I'd want to rule that out first. I'd check for any firmware updates (be sure to read and follow all instructions for updating firmware), or perhaps try disabling the burner in the OS, and letting it reinstall drivers, etc. at a cold boot.


              Good luck,



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                Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

                The 496 is a reference to the line number in the source code.  It has nothing to do with burning devices.


                (And an engineer already did see your post There's a couple of us that troll periodically...)


                You didn't specify whether you created these projects on this machine.  I'm still going on the assumption that they were created on a different machine, and/or in a different version of PPro. If you haven't tried it already, try importing them into a new project instead of doing a project open.

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                  almacleod Level 1

                  I plugged my HVX200's USB cable into my XP machine and dragged and dropped the contents and last clip from the camera card (as it appeared as a drive on "my computer"). The hard drive I copied to is a WD USB external. The XP machine has Premiere CS3.2 on it as well as CS3 AE and CS3 extended Photoshop.  None were running as I downloaded the video clips to the external drive.  I then purchased the Asus g74 from bestbuy and installed the Creative suite CS5.5 bundle from Adobe online and downloaded and installed it.   AVG free went on next and then the Avid DNxHD free codec. I have a Nvida geforce gtx 560m in the Asus and I used the MPE hack...placed the card name in the text file as prescribed in the hack and it worked.  I later saw the 5.5.1 update was available so I downloaded and installed that as well.  I had to then reestablish the video card name in the text file and again it worked.  I plugged in the WD external drive (containing only the contents and last text file)  to the Asus and loaded some clips into the time line to take a look at them.  The error popped up about an hour later.


                  Did the engineer  say what line 496 referred to?

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                    almacleod Level 1

                    Is it too much to ask what the error code is?  These things are generated to document a fault.  I appreciate the information given thus far, but I find it difficult to understand why there isn't someone in Adobe's employ

                    that can just reveal what the error code is saying!  Am I being unreasonable?

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                      almacleod Level 1

                      Wil,  I don't know how to proceed.  I see a catagory on the right side of the page that says "more like this". I see a number of "not answered" questions that have been dormant for a year or two or three years.  I sense that is to be my questions fate as well.  Adobe support for a single end user (me) is either phone support to an call center far away or...this forum.

                      I found a reference to a firewall blocking interaction between the different programs in Creative Suite (Mac) and I took the advice given and told my win 7 firewall to allow communication between them.  Did it work, you ask?  Dunno...have not seen the cryptic error pop up...yet. What should I do at this point?

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                        Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

                        I'm afraid I don't know how to help you further.  I've already told you what the error represents - it's a (very) low level error indicating that something (a filter/effect) is being referenced that is out of bounds.  I've given you my best guesses on what the problem is, but I'm afraid that I don't have enough context to make any more sense of this.  Honestly, I don't think tech support will be able to make any more sense of this either.  I don't know what kind of edit operations you've done with the project that could trigger this kind of thing.  You're going to have to do some troubleshooting to narrow things down.


                        For starters though, I'd remove the DNx codecs, and any other 3rd party ones you might have installed (well, okay, you can leave QT, that one we're pretty used to...).  Then I'd start a new project, start importing clips via the media browser, and if you see the error pop up again, take note of what you were doing when it triggered - if you were importing a new clip at the time, take note of that clip, see if it happens again with that clip on its own in a fresh project.