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    Problem in getting GeoLocation lattitude, longitude values in Mobile apllication running on Android

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      I was trying to run a small sample code for getting Lattitude, Longitude values using the GeoLocation class in a mobile device (Android - HTC Evo). Though the application is able to detect whether the device has GPS support and whether the GPS is muted or not, but it just doesnot seem to trigger the GeoLocation.UPDATE event, thus I do not get the required values.

      I have made the necessary permission related changes in the *app.xml file before packaging it to create my .apk file.


      Below are the code snippets.


      Main application file



      The View mxml file






      the *app.xml file configurations include the permission setting for android GPS connection







      <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION" />







      I am running clueless as were I may have gone wrong. Any suggestion or advice would be of great help.


      Thanks and Regards,