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    Javascript Debugging

    yesimahuman Level 1


      I'm interested in building a desktop AIR application using Javascript. Unfortunately, it looks like the only real debugging tool for AIR with Javascript is Aptana Studio 2, which only supports AIR SDK 2.0 and is an outdated version of Aptana Studio.


      If I were to use Aptana 2 with the Air SDK 2.0, would I be missing a lot of features available in 2.7? I don't plan on using much of the SDK beyond filesystem i/o.  Would I be able to target 2.0 and then run on 2.7+?


      The thought of developing a large application without a real debugger scares me.  Do I have other options?  I understand that Flex/Action Script debugging is available on the newest version of the SDK, but I'm not interested in that approach for the time being. One thought I had was to develop almost all of the logic and interface using HTML/CSS and build it like any other web app (debug in Chrome), and then just do console debugging for the filesystem AIR stuff.

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          Chris Banford

          Hi yesimahuman,


          It appears that the AIR/javascript dev combo are a bit of a step-child for Adobe... Wondering where is the Flash Builder (AIR Builder?) toolset that Adobe could earn some money on?


          I've been following AIR since its early days, and have also been waiting for Adobe to step to the plate and offer a tool to support exactly the type of development you talk about above, but apart from the (now apparently defunct, due to Aptana being bought out by Appcellerator) AIR plugin for Aptana, the only viable option that I can see it to do exactly what you outline -- namely build your js app normally for the browser (all the logic and UI) and then use AIR's bridge to offer your app access to the specific AIR platform functionality that you require.


          ...I'd personally love to see Adobe offer some sort of slick dev environment á la Flash Builder (solid debugging, build process, work-flow...), but targeted to building AIR/js apps. Our little dev company actually bought Flash Builder a while back, but we don't have the time/resources to move our focus to it (or the desire).





          PS. Have also been following Titanium, but although it sounds great initially, it seems to have some serious flaws/handicaps vs AIR.

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            yesimahuman Level 1

            Thanks for responding Chris.  I realized that Air has some serious shortcomings due to its blockade of eval/function constructor.  Unfortunately this means using common Javascript template libraries is not possible.


            Titanium has some issues, but it does not block these operations, and has some convenient package and statistic features that look interesting.  I've decided to build the app on the browser and then plug in the native menus and i/o stuff before deploying to desktop using Titanium.