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    Unusual Request


      Hi Guys!


      I have multiple audio streams playing at one time through a website.


      Here's where it gets weird; I want to use code to control the site in such a way that when the volume is turned up on one stream that the others playing all play no sound.

      So basically they are all silent from the start but when you turn up one, you hear that one.   Then, if you turn up another, the volume on the 1st stream will automatically go to 0.

      This way, only one of the volume streams can ever be playing at one time.

      Does that make sense and can anyone tell me what code I could use to accomplish that or point me into the forum that the question is best for?


      I was thinking somesting like when stream1=volume on, stream 2,3,&4=0 or something like that but I know very little about actually writing code so don't know how to make it work.


      Thanks!   CHunter32