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    Why Won't Hunspell Work With Zero Width Spaces?

    nathanwells Level 1


      I was excited to hear that Hunspell dictionaries are now supported in InDesign CS5.5 and I was able to try it out for the first time today.  Unfortunately I ran into some problems when using a dictionary for Khmer (the language of Cambodia - UTF-8 - using the World Composer).


      Khmer does not have spaces between words, and so to get around this issue (for line breaks as well as spelling/grammar checking), we use zero width spaces between words (U+200B).


      The Khmer Hunspell spelling checker dictionary works with zero width spaces in OpenOffice (http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/en/project/khmersbbic - I am the lead author of this Khmer spelling dictionary), but in InDesign (I manually added the dictionary - InDesign uses the Khmer dictionary files fine), the zero width space is not seen as a space that denotes a break between words, therefore words that are correctly spelled are jumbled together as if there are no spaces between them.


      Does anyone know how to get InDesign to recognize a zero width space to be a word seperator for spell checking purposes?


      Example of sentence correctly spelling using zero width spaces between words (But this is viewed as one long word in InDesign): បើសិនជាអ្នកចង់ទៅយើងអាចទៅបាន។

      Example of same sentence with words sperated by "real" space which then allows the Hunspell based Khmer dictionary to correct spelling but makes the text unuseable because Khmer does not have spaces between words): បើ សិន ជា អ្នក ចង់ ទៅ យើង អាច ទៅ បាន។


      Any help would be much appreciated.  I have already submitted a bug report to Adobe, but not sure how much that will help.


      Thanks again,