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    What export settings should I use? Please advise


      Hey I'm struggling to find the proper settings to export with Pr and need some advice. My Project is about 6 1/2 minutes long. All of my source clips are:


      GoPro Footage:

      1280x720, 59.94 fps

      1.0 Square Pixels


      I have color corrected and added effects using AE.


      I want to export my project in the highest quality format that I can put on YouTube (it has to be under 15GB).


      I've tried a couple different things but the exported version doesn't look anywhere near as good as it does when I watch it in Pr. If I was using Final Cut I would be use "Apple Pro Res" to export.


      Most recent export settings-

      Format: QuickTime

      1280x720, 59.94fps

      Codec: Video

      1.0 Square Pixels

      Depth 16 bit

      I checked the box for maximum render quality as well


      The final product came out to about 10GB (which is fine) but the quality of the video was no what I wanted. It looked kind of grainy and the colors weren't popping like they do when I watch it in Pr.


      Any suggesstions would be greatly appreciated.