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    Gis shape rendering

      I'm rendering numerous polylines and polygons onto DisplayObject. Average time to render one geometry is 0.1 ms. So 5000 geometries is rendered ~0.5 sec. It seems pretty quickly, but after 5000 geometries are drawn the whole UI becomes very slowly:

      1)Draw this DisplayObject takes ~5 sec!
      2)Resizing and dragging are slow and soon become nonrespondable.
      3)Movig mouse takes 100% CPU!

      I suppose, the problem is that player tries to calculate if mouse is over this DisplayObject (though it's not interactive) and does some re-rendering routines (though no redraw is needed).

      I used flash.display.Shape with cacheAsBitmap = true.

      Could anyone please give tip how to improve performance while drawing the DisplayObject to BitmapData and reduce CPU load while interacting UI?

      Thanks a lot