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    titles for movie


      is there any detail instruction how to make the first titles with effects for movie? Got movie, but need to add titles.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Simple Titles:


          Add movie to After Effects Project.

          Add movie to After Effects Timeline.

          Choose Type Tool.

          Type your title.

          Select move tool.

          Position your title.

          Animate title position or opacity if you like.

          Set out point of title.


          If you need more instruction we need to know what kind of titles you want to create. Please give us an example.


          Also, before trying to do anything with AE please Start Here!

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            Navarro Parker Level 3

            There are about 37 bazillion (give or take a few bazillion) movie title templates and tutorials out there for AE (and C4D). Find one you like, take it apart to see how it was done.


            But you really should learn the basics of After Effects. It's kind of upside-down learning to try to do something complicated before you understand the essentials.