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    how to get multiple row values in one text box while clicking one row from grid?

    Venkatesan Balasubramanian Level 1

      hi friends,


                 i am working on flex4 web application i am using  one datagrid ,it have two records(bills),one button and one text box.





      customername      salesrepname   receipt no      amount


      venkat                         raj                         1102          10000


      ramu                          ramesh                   1102         20000



      here both receipt no is same.now i want to select one of this receipt and click pay button which is place in outside the grid.


      now my need is after click the pay button in text box i need 10000+20000=30000,after click that button i want both receipts should be invisible...'



      how i will do this,


      any suggession,