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    Messing with the Glossary

      So I've got this application. It's got a few links to my RoboHelp project, one of which is a "Glossary" link and It's been decided that this link should load the glossary with a little instruction page describing to the user -- you're on the glossary page. pick a term, see definition.

      So that' fine, I've created the following link (and let me tell ya, it took me a while to figure it out)

      So that link will load the RoboHelp project with glossary.htm, with the Glossary pane showing.

      My problem comes when I try to load the Glossary pane/page from within RoboHelp. It makes sense to me that when the user presses Glossary, they should see the glossary.htm page as well because it contains applicable information.
      I see two options, creating a custom button that does all the tricks, or modifying the "Glossary" button to load a page.... neither option got me very far.

      Modifying Glossary Button
      What I did was open up whtbar.js, go on down to addButton(), and change the glossary link so it reads:
      onclick=\"showGlossary();return true;\" target=\"bsscright\" href=\"/robohelpproject/glossary.htm\"
      The glossary pane still opens, but the link will doesn't work in IE unless you right click on the image and select "open link"........ so that's a no-fly.

      Creating Custom Glossary Button
      My custom button runs some javascript,
      window.open(' http://www.server.com/robohelpproject/#glossary.htm>>cmd=4','_top');
      And it seems to work fine.... Except that the Glossary pane will not load if the Glossary button isn't not on the toolbar!

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... basically I need to load a page when the glossary loads.
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          tswaters1 Level 1
          Ok so I found a workaround to my problem... basically I combined the two above options.

          So now I have two Glossary buttons. One is the RoboHelp Glossary button, the other is a custom button. I go into the whtbar.js and this time, I set style=display:none on the Glossary section of addButton.... this seems to work like a charm, only two drawbacks:
          1) No longer see "selected" image when glossary is pressed
          2) Need to modify js file every time I regenerate

          If anyone up there in Macromedia Headquarters is taking notes for a possible patch to RoboHelp, I would say make it possible for users to modify the JS files that are included with each regeneration of the project. This would be *incredibly* useful.... I've got a list of modifications that need to be made every regeneration of the master project (including TOC synchronization fix for merged proejcts) and if I ever leave my job if someone doesn't find that list and they make a regenreation, there'll be hell to pay.
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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi tswaters1

            There is a way to edit the .JS file and make it stick. I refer to this as "going up the food chain".

            Try editing the "seed" whtbar.js file you should find in the following location:

            C:\Program Files\RoboHelp Office\RoboHTML\WebHelp5Ext\template_skin (assuming you haven't deviated from the installation defaults)

            Also, I'd probably want to ensure I kept a backup copy of the file handy. Just in case.

            Give that a go and see if it does what you want.

            Sincerely... Rick :)
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              tswaters1 Level 1
              Thank you Rick !
              You made my life about 20 times easier with that tip there.