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    Optimize file Through Preflight

    alienA2 Level 1

      How do I do the File Optimize settings on PreFlight?

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There isn't an equivalent of Acrobat's "Optimizer" tool in Preflight, you would have to create your own profile, including all the same checks and fixups and manually setting the options for each one. Most of what Optimizer does can be achieved in Preflight (such as downsampling images and unembedding fonts) but you certainly can't replicate the way Optimizer can dynamically change options based on PDF version. It's far better to use Acrobat's Optimizer tool after you've used Preflight.


          If you're trying to automate the process, you can run a Preflight profile using Actions in Acrobat X, and the final "Save to" step of an Action can include a run through Optimizer.