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    Cross-Referencing problem: <HL>

    arenol Level 1

      I'm really strugling with my cross-references for the time being.

      Not only does InDesign crash alsmost every time I try to insert the first cross-reference and define a cross-reference format.

      Once succeded I get a <HL> place holder on every page number, which means that the target is on a hidden layer.


      But, I have no hidden layers in my document...


      Any idea how to work around this problem.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          To help, we're going to need to know your version of ID, if it has the latest patch installed, and the operating system.


          It would probably also help if you were able to post a link to a sample file that shows the problem. I'm sure this is probably complex enough that seeing the real file will help.