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    How to create a Blur overlay on to mask parts of an FLV import


      I am a Flash Novice, using Adobe Flash CS3 Pro.


      I have a number of training recordings (system demonstrations) that I've created using Camtasia, and are output in FLV format (the requested output format).

      The training recordings contain some live data that I wish to mask, ideally with a blur effect rather than solid blocks.

      The complexity of the training, and effort to create it means that going back to edit the Training would be an absolute last resort.


      In one example; I have imported the FLV file, created KeyFrames at the start and end points between whcih I need to mask 2/3 sections of the screen


      Is it possible to have a layer interact with a 'lower' layer, to create a blur mask on specific sections of the screen?


      I am not able to get online frequently in the next couple of days, so if I don't respond to your answers/questions immediately, please bear with me.


      Kind regards




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          adninjastrator Level 4

          You could embed Flash cue points into the .flv file that would trigger an "event" when the video hits the cue point. That "event" can be any type of other Flash action you want.... including calling up a mask or changing the alpha on a mc to blur part of the video screen.... just have that mc in a layer above the vid player.

          More on cue points here:


          or Google for more info.

          Example of working code.... flv played via NetStream to load one of two .swf files... which .swf plays depending on which cue point is called.


          // This code controls the cue points //
          ns.onCuePoint = function(evt:Object){
              if(evt.name == "play_vid1") {
                  trace("YO!Loading wide_holder!");

              if(evt.name == "play_vid2") {
            trace("YO!Loading standard_holder!");


          Best of luck,