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    XDCamHD422 import woes

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      It appears that I've lost the ability to view clip icons in the Browser since upgrading to 5.5.1.


      Not only that, when I drag XDCamHD422 clips into the Project Tab from the Browser, Pr goes into Not Responding, and locks up. 


      This is after copying the entire file structure from the optical disk to my 1Gb/s RAID.


      I am able to wrap the files to XDCamHD422 Quicktime clips in Sony XDCam Transfer, but I was hoping to avoid this step and edit native.


      I'm wondering if anybody else has had import issues since upgrading.


      And here's another problem...  After wrapping into Quicktime, I bring all the clips into Pr, and the same clips into FCP.  In FCP, shuttling the clips is smooth, and I see every frame as I drag the CTI back and forth - the way it ought to be.  In Pr, I get a LOT of dropped frames.  Scrolling the CTI is unacceptable.   What's going on here?  (This is after dragging all the clips to the Sequence Icon and matching the Sequence to the Footage.)




      I'm on Mac 10.6.8.


      If this is a bug, are there reverting to 5.5 instructions somewhere?

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          Jim Curtis Level 3

          OK, I sort of figured out one of my issues: the dropped frames while dragging the CTI.  Pr is improperly interpreting my footage as AVCHD, and making a new sequence by dragging to the Sequence icon created the wrong type of sequence.  


          I do recall that this is a known bug that existed in Pr 5.5, and it's sad that it wasn't fixed in 5.5.1.


          When I manually created a new XDCam HD 422 30i sequence, the CTI dragging experience is better, but still not nearly as smooth as in FCP. 


          I would like to add that I was working on a P2 720 sequence a few days ago, and after upgrading to 5.5.1, the timeline updates were about a thousand times worse than before.  What was smooth turned into a .25 FPS experience.  I even lost the ability to play my cut in real time.


          I think something may be severely wrong with this new update.  At least, that's my experience so far.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Don't know about MAC, but boy is that raid slooowww.  As fast as a single ethernet connection.

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              Jim Curtis Level 3

              Harm, you're joking, right?  1 GB/sec. is pretty darn fast for a RAID.  I was being modest.  I get 2.3 GB/s read speeds off this bad boy.  It's an 8-SAS 6 Gb/s disk RAID 5 using a 6 Gb/s ATTO card.  There aren't many 8 drive RAIDs that are faster.  Anyway, that's beside the point of my post.  I was trying to make a point that it's not the read speed of my drive that's a factor in my sloppy playback in Pr.


              I'm having a bad day.  I used the Adobe Uninstaller to get rid of Pr 5.5.1, and I am emphatically certain I only clicked the Premiere Pro button, but the Uninstaller wiped out the entire CS5.5 suite.  So, now I discovered another work-stopping Adobe bug.


              Anyway, I'm going back to Pr 5.5, and I'll be able to report in a while whether it's any better or worse than 5.5.1.

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                Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

                I expect that it won't be any different in 5.5.1 vs 5.5.  If these are .mxf extension 422 files, the file handling goes through our ImporterMPEG, which is less than stellar in terms of performance with MXF files.


                A lot of broadcasters have been pushing us for better performance on 422 MXF, and we're doing a lot of work on that front for CS Next (ie don't expect this in a dot release for 5.5).


                I don't know what to tell you about your P2 experience after the update.  That makes no sense to me.  Our P2 support is extremely snappy - I don't see why the playback/scrub performance would have dropped after applying the update.  I think there's something else going on with your setup.  Let's hope your reinstall puts things back to normal...

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                  Jim Curtis Level 3

                  OK, so I reverted to Pr 5.5.  Now I can import from the XDCam HD422 disk without crashing or having Pr go into Not Responding mode.  But, the audio is missing, and I know the clips have audio because I can see and hear them in XDCam Transfer.


                  This doesn't really prove anything, because Audio Scrub wasn't turning off before, and it is now; and that leads me to suspect that the app just got damaged somehow.  So, I can't draw any firm conclusions from this.  I would have to update back to 5.5.1 to know for sure, but I think I'll hold off on that this time.


                  My P2 sequence is scrubbing like it was before I upgraded, but then again, this could have been due to Pr getting damaged.  I'm still not seeing scrubbing on parity with FCP, no matter what kind of source material I'm using.


                  Wil, thanks for your frank disclosure about Pr's shortcomings with XDCam HD 422 footage.  I appreciate the candor.  I will continue to re-wrap to QT since that is the case.