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    CS5 doesn't export all visible layers to .pdf

    MattOKC Level 1

      I thought I was a pretty skilled CS5 user, but this is probably a noob issue that I just haven't figured out...On a few pages of my CS5 project, there are graphics layers that simply vanish when I export to .pdf using the "Smallest File Size" setting. I've checked "Create Acrobat layers" just to see if toggling that option changes it, but it doesn't. I've tried exporting using "save all layers" and "save visible layers."


      Here's just one of the pages in the original Indesign workspace:


      Here is the same page from the exported .pdf:


      Notice how the translucent box behind the text has vanished. In fact, in EVERY occurrence of this problem, it's that same component: the "box" layer between the text and the background that I've placed there to help improve readibility of text. And it doesn't do that every time; most of them have exported just fine. But a bunch of them (which are all toward the last half fo the pages, if that's more than coincidence) simply get omitted by CS5 during the export process. I can't discern any differences between the ones that work and the ones that don't.


      Please, any tips or solutions?