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    Can I chop up sound in Flash?


      Hi. I am making an animated music video, so I have one song playing throughout my piece. First thing I did was the animatic/storyboard---the whole video sketched out with the song. Now I am chopping it into scenes for character animation. I selected all the keyframes---including those in the song track---and pasted them into new, separate Flash projects.

      Problem is, the song plays from the beginning in every scene (and in fact I can't get it to stop). I think I understand why this happens -- it's using what I have in the library, and it's the whole song that is in the library. So, do I have to conclude the worst case scenario: that I have to chop up the song outside Flash (which would be error-prone, in terms of precision of timing)? Or is there another way to do this in Flash?

      Thanks so much!!!