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    RoboHelp Reports

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      I find the ability to create my own To Do categories very useful, but I can't figure out a way to, for example, get a list of topics that I've assigned the "Placeholder text" category to, or a list of topics sorted by To Do category.


      Am I using the wrong feature? Or is there a way to add columns to the Topic List? Is there a third-party tool that allows one to customize?


      I'm using RoboHTML 9.

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          MM Acton Level 1

          I've just answered one of my own questions.


          To change which columns appear in the Topic List pod, select View > Topic List Details from the top menu bar.


          Unfortunately, it doesn't contain some of the status fields I'm interested in (Priority, Hours) or any of the To Do fields, but at least I found out how to specify which columns appear in the topic list.