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    DropShadow filter messing up components...

      Wondered if anyone has come across this before:
      I have a toolbar created in Flash8 where if you click a button, a drop-down menu appears. The drop-down menu is a MC that I've applied a dropShadow filter to.
      If you place a button onto the drop-down menu MC or anything that redraws when you roll over or click it (ie pretty much any component), then it creates a 'hole' in the drop-down menu MC through which you can see the background - really annoying - and draws a shadow.
      Remove the dropShadow filter and the problem with the 'hole' goes away.

      I've worked round this by defining my own button class and in every mouse event putting the following code:
      this.parentFilters = _parent.filters;
      _parent.filters = [];
      this.gotoAndStop("Up"); // or whatever redraw you're getting it to do
      _parent.filters = this.parentFilters;

      and this solves the problem but I really don't have to write all my own components as I now need loads of other components on my drop-down menus. I also really like the drop-shadow filter effect and don't want to scrap that.

      Any ideas?