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    CFC return variable

      Hi there,

      SUB: Return multiple query from CFC

      I’m consuming a .NET web service, which returns multiple datasets. I’m using a CFC to invoke the web service and parse the XML. The problem I’m facing is I can return only one query using CFC where my web service returns more than one.

      Is there any way where I can get multiple return values from CFC or CustomTag or UDF’s or any others? Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks / Manu.
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          Is there something preventing you from returning an array of queries?
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            wmanu Level 1

            Thanks for your response. I'm not sure how to do an Array of queries. I have never done something like that before. Can you please advice? My parser will give me queries like "MyQuery1", "MyQuery2", "MyQuery3",...,"MyQueryN". How do I make this to an array?

            Any help is gretly appreciated.

            Many thanks / Manu.
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              Iceborer Level 1
              The easiest way, provided that you're only concerned with getting the queries returned, might look like example 1 below. If you need to have some understanding of which query is in which location, I would use a structure to contain the queries like in example 2. Obviously these are simple examples. You may need to make accomodation for things like local scoping of variables, use in loops, etc.

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                wmanu Level 1
                Wow! That works great! Thanks a lot for your input.
                You are a star!

                Cheers / Manu.