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    Item renderer recycling decision

    Filmzaddict Level 1

      Hello all,


      I ve been thinking about this: Lets say i have a few lists in my application that use itemRenderers. Now, i can surely say, that these lists wont ever grow above say 50 items, and the renderer is a mxml based one with some solid filled rectangles and labels. At runtime when i debug the application and scroll the list with scrollbars, i can notice the actual recycle process of the renderers, the list kind of flickers when i scroll it. Then i ve set the useVirtualLayout to false, which should disable the recycling, and indeed, no more flickering while scrolling the list.


      I ve read a couple of articles about itemRenderer architecture and efficiency, but when i checked the memory usage with both useVirtualLayout options i didnt notice much difference in memory consumption. I wonder, is it okay in my case to go without recycling because it adds to a better user experience. Does memory consumption perhaps increase over time?