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    CPU or GPU

    Dave Anderson
      What is the conventional wisdom for a PC that will playback mpg1 videos in director? Put the money into the fastest CPU you can afford, or put more money into a good graphics card that will decode mpg1? Any recommendations of CPU's or GPU? or appropriate RAM?

      I will be playing a 5 min video in a window each time a user presses 'play'.

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          Any computer you run it on that is at least 10 years old or newer will be able to play the video regardless of CPU or GPU in real-time. Newer computers tend to use the GPU for actual playback as they have hardware decoders built-in but the CPUs these days are more than powerful enough to handle software decoding. I wouldn't worry about it at all unless you've got some really old machines you're running it on. If you've got a lot of video data, then your problem may be lack of RAM.