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    Indesign CS5.5 - Hyperlinks & TOC

    Fun Seeker Level 1

      Hi everybody,


      I tried to look through previous threads for answers to these questions, but couldn't.


      I am trying to create a shared hyperlink but it just doesn't seem to be working correctly, or so it seems. When I click on the New Hyperlink icon I select Link to URL from the pulldown menu and then click the Shared Hyperlink Destination checkbox, simple enough. But, when I click text elsewhere in the same document that shares the same URL address, I select Shared Destination from the pulldown menu, and then  two options appear Document and Name, so I select the document name and URL address, no problem. But, inside the hyperlinks panel a new hyperlink always appear, but this time it is followed by a number. Is this normal? Seems a bit weird to me. I have tried copy & paste, etc., and every time the link is followed by a number.


      Regarding a TOC, I would like to create  pdf and ePub files from this document. When I open the pdf document in Acrobat Reader there are a series of page thumbnails on the left side in the menu area. Is there any way to create a collapsible menu system, much like those that appear in  ePub files, rather than thumbnails? For navigational purposes I much prefer this to an actual Table of Contents Page, which I don't want. I've tried using "Table of Contents Style" under Layout menu but it won't produce what I'm looking for, at least in the pdf file. All seems fine when exorted to  an ePub file.


      Thanks for any help you can provide.


      Kind regards,