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    RoboHelp9 HTML Trial does not show images in Create PDF for Review

    PCPerson1 Level 1

      When I do Create PDF for Review, the pdf shows only the gray rectangular placeholders for our logo and another image at the top of each pages instead of the actual pictures.  Is this a bug or it is supposed to work like that?


      Just in case this has anything to do with it:


      Some of RH's PDF Creator Add-in X features did not work on my new Win7, 64-bit, Office2010 machine, and said I couldn't then install my Adobe Standard 7.0 CD because "you have a better product installed".  The techs got on my machine for 2 1/2 hrs. and couldn't get it to write pdf via Printed Documentation and were going to try to re-create it in their lab.  A week later I uninstalled RH's PDF Creator Add-in X and installed my Standard 7.0 and I can now do Printed Documentation to pdf.  Would this have caused the problem in first sentence?