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      We will translate our WebHelp (created with RoboHelp X5) into several languages, including Polish and Czech. Does RoboHelp support these two languages, i.e. will the text appear correctly when I compile the files sent back from the translation agency?

      Also, are the following files sufficient to translate to have a complete translation:
      .hhp (title only)
      .lng (for languages that cannot be preselected in RoboHelp)
      Any text changes in skin (that override the texts in .lng)

      I would really appreciate any help, thanks!

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          Hi Johanna,
          We have a similar issue to yourself. We are generating Webhelp in Czech and Russian and have translated the file types you mentioned. In Russian for example, after generation we changed the meta tags from ISO-8859-1 to ISO-8859-5 in the index xml's. The problem we have is that the index does not appear correctly at all. In fact it only displays about half of the actual index.
          We're unsure why this is happening but from our perspective it seems that X5 doesn't support these languages.

          Maybe someone can shed some definitive light on this.