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    Problem with Color Print in Illustrator. Photoshop fine. Epson R2400

    charles badland Level 4

      OK.. I’ve spent all morning trying to troubleshoot bad color on Illustrator CS4 to Epson R2400 and can’t find a solution. Mac  10.5.8


      I’m getting off color (but a neutral grayscale) when printing to from AI 14.0 to Epson Stylus Photo R2400. This just started today.  The graphic prints fine in Photoshop.

      The main color in logo is R-125, G-69, B-73 in sRGB editing space.  It prints very magenta from AI to Epson 2400. Prints fine to my HP laser and fine to PDF.


      I’m not new to Color Management and I’ve double-checked all the usual suspects.


      Recalibrated Monitor

      Re-installed Epson print driver (v6.57)

      checked ink nozzles

      Checked color settings (synched in Bridge to NA Gen Purpose 2)

      checked proper document and printer/paper profile are selected (sRGB to Matte HW)

      checked Relative Colorimetric 

      in Printer dialog checked proper Media Type selected (Epson Matte HW)

      and that Color Settings were set to No Color Management.

      trashed AI Preferences.


      I’m using Epson Inks and Papers.

      Same image prints fine from Photoshop using same color settings.


      any other ideas?


      Thanks much.