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    Using Preview files in Proress workflow not saving time

    lasvideo Level 4

      I just cut together a dramatic scene with some P2 files a friend / colleague gave me to see how PrP would handle the project. This is what happened.


      1.I  created a custom sequence whose Preview setting were Prores 422. The rest matched the size / aspect ratio and frame rate of the clips.

      2. Imported the files and started cutting right away. Playback was smooth.A thouroughly enjoyable creative process.

      3. After cutting the 3 minute.piece I went back to color correct. I prefer MB Colorista 2 for this kind of work. The sequence of course wouldn't playback at FULL or HALF and QUARTER resolution was not acceptable for viewing. So I rendered the sequence.

      4. There were about 35 cuts in the piece and each clip was cc. The render to Prores took about ten minutes.

      5. After reviewing it I exported the sequence. I selected "Match Sequence Settings" and "Use previews". I thought since all the clips were rendered as Prores and my output format was Prores this would zip right along. Exporting took 10 minutes.


      Can anyone explain to me why using the Prores rendered files (taking 10 min) didn't seem to speed up the Export process which was using all those Preview clips. Im a little confused and disheartened.

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