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    What am I doing wrong? Newbie trying to learn advanced actions


      I'm really hoping somebody can help me with this. I was hired on to my present job to learn Captivate and create quizzes.  The thing is, a lot of the quizzes involve looking at screen-grabs for an answer.  Before I came, the quiz-builders were basically using the forward and back keys for functionality, but one of my first assignments was, "Get the screen-grab to appear on the same slide as the question."



      I figured out how to do that by doing a rollover slidelet...only there doesn't seem to be a way to add a slidelet to one of the default quiz slides.  In addition, we need the option for partial scoring.  Either way, all of this led me to Lilybiri's wonderfully educational posts on how to create custom questions, which involve advanced actions.



      So I rolled up my sleeves and got the Extended Radio Buttons widget from Captivate Dev.  I'm using Captivate 5.5, I've got 4 possible answers and one correct answer.  Three buttons on the slide: Submit, a nextOK and a nextVOID.  Submit brings up an advanced action that calls nextOK if the answer is correct, which reports 1 point.  If the answer is incorrect, nextVOID is supposed to be called and doesn't report anything.  I can get the right answer to show, but when the answer isn't right, I can click the "Next" button to my heart's content, and nothing happens.



      If this were photoshop or another program I know, I'd know where to go and what to do to try and trouble-shoot this problem, but I am just completely stumped. Can somebody please tell me if I'm a) taking the completely wrong approach or b) on the right track and I just need to add this little tweak I would never have thought of?



      Here are some screenshots from the issue I'm having.  Please help out this desperate newbie.


      advanced actions.png declaring variable.pngproperties - nextOK.png properties - nextVOID.png properties - submit.pngwidget.png