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    Sound Problem in Windows projectors

      I have produced two projectors on a Mac to run on both Mac and Windows. Mac versions work perfectly. On the Windows side, on one projector all is well for a while, then sounds in channel one stop playing, while channel two works perfectly. On the other projector, the sounds on channel two stop after a time, while channel one works perfectly.

      All sounds are AIFF format, 22500 sampling rate, 8 bit depth. All are imported to Director cast, not linked.

      No video, no MIAWs, no Shockwave audio.

      The basic structure of the projector is a main file which includes a menu system that takes users to various sub-files. As each sub-file ends, the users return to the menu file or go to the next sub file in sequence. A given sub file will always play perfectly if it is one of the first few chosen, but after running several sub files, all sub files have the sound channel not playing problem, even ones that ran perfectly just moments before.

      I am using an HP Pavilion a210e computer running Windows XP Pro. I have taken the projectors to a friend's Windows 98 machine and get exactly the same results.

      I have tried setting purge priorities to get sound files out of memory. I have each subfile preloading its sounds. I tried attaching sounds to Sprites.

      Any ideas?

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          I have seen a bunch of folks having problems like this lately. Try
          using mp3 sounds instead of AIFF. PCs are notoriously bad at dealing
          with AIFF formatted files, and I have seen postings that sound similar
          to this where the sound works for a while then a channel stops working.
          If memory serves, using MP3 audio worked better.