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    Create PDF to auto extract image from database

    mm81bg Level 1

      Hi, everyone

                       I'm trying to create a PDF which will contain image(logo) extracted from my database.

        I already read a lot in this forum here and I saw that LC has image/data fields in their forms but I never saw specifically if it's able to pull that image out of the DB and export the PDF like this.Could you verify that for me,please, or if not can you give me any suggestions with that issue.


                                                                                                                                                                     Thank you in advance!!!

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          pguerett Level 6

          Are you using Acrobat or Reader to display your form? You can certainly extract the data from the data bas ebut you will have to setup a Data connection on each users machine. This cannot be automated so depending on how many users you have you may not want to do it this way. If you set up a web service to do it then you do not need any additional setup on the desktop. In either case if you are using Reader you will need to use LiveCycle Reader Extensions server to Reader extend the document so that the database or web service functionality can be tirned on.



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            mm81bg Level 1

            Well I do have Acrobat but I dont think I will need to setup any connection on the users' pc's since they first upload the image on our database through another system directly on the website and just then on the backend we have to extract that image from our database and send it together with the pdf to the printing company...so I guess that should work perfectly in this case, we just have to test it to make sure...Thanks for your response...I may post once again after we know for sure, to help anyone if comes across the same issue...but I have a good feeling