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    Folder of Adobe Flash CS4 under Applications doesn't show the Flash logo


      I migrated to my new Mac from an old Mac in which I had previously installed Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium which includes Adobe Flash CS4 Professional. After I did that, all the files for the Adobe softwares were in blue and wouldn't work so I reinstalled the DVDs again. All my folders show the logos that correspond to the softwares located in each folder except for the Adobe Flash CS4 Professional which is still in blue. When I click on it to open the software, it works, but it shows this message:


      Error initializing Java Runtime Environment. You may need to reinstall Flash. Click OK


      It works, but it bugs me that all the other softwares show the logos except for Flash. I tried to run the DVD #1 again, but when it shows all the softwares that you can click on to install, it doesn't show Flash.


      Does anyone know how to fix that problem?


      Thanks in advance.