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      I have a windows 7 operating system with a (c) drive with over 200gb, a separate slave drive with over 100gb, and 4 gb memory. My Video card is up to date, and quite large since I am an avid online game player.


      I love to write, and create videos, and movies, and music for friends family and clients. And in my experience..no software does the job for me like my Adobe Premiere Elements 5.0, and the Adobe Photoshop 5.0 combo pack.  I was happy with my PRE 3.0. loved the ease, the creations, and the finished product.


      But then....I realized I was short changing myself  by not advancing into the more modern up to date version. so I upgraded to PRE 10. I was very happy when I did. Called my comp guy and shouted it via text. He was happy for me as well. Then I tried to transfer over a project I have been working on for a month now, over to my new platform. PRE 10.




      It barely picks up half of the  fade ins, and fade outs I implemented in my project. It wont allow me to even change the size of my timeline or streamlined images without creating large gaps, and not allowing me to delete said gaps. It has been a nightmare, and I've only had it for a couple of days now.


      I am very much so a power user when it comes to my comp. I pride myself in getting online daily and tinkering with stuff until I master it...sort of speak. And now this little problem makes me wish I never upgraded at all. please don't misunderstand me...I love the great effects and transitions...if they ever worked on my existing project...I'd love them more. I love the format of the entire APE 10...if I could enhance the font so I could see the actual prompts on top...that would be a plus as well. And I love the fact that the project has a lot more themes...if they would work with my existing project I would be overjoyed.


      But they don't allow, and they don't work properly with my existing project. I know you keep reading "With my existing project". I would hate to have to completely do this project over again...but I fear that is my only course of action at this point. Maybe the leap from 3.0 to 10.0 was too much for my little project to bear. Maybe this is not set up properly in my system...which would also answer the question as to why this version runs so darn slow.


      Catching up with the timeline when I play it is near to impossible. I have to keep rewinding and playing it over and over again in order for it to play with all the effects I have added to my GIFs and images. Needless to say...I am not a happy camper. I would love for someone to help me with this issue, so I can be on my way to creating videos again. Thank you all for patiently listening to me vent, and for your assistance in advance.


      Peace in the Middle E.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Usually, a Project created in an earlier version, will translate pretty well to the next version, but not always.


          Much has changed in how PrE works, between PrE 3.0 and PrE 10 - much!


          As older versions of PrE can coexist well on a computer, my rec. would be to finish the PrE 3.0 Project in that version, and then use PrE 10 for new Projects. One variation on this option would be to do either a very tight, or a very loose edit in PrE 3.0, then Export/Share to DV-AVI, and Import that file into a new, matching PrE 10 Project, to finish things up.


          If you have removed PrE 3.0, keep an eye out for issues with your PrE 10 installation, if you reinstall it. Usually, there will be few issues, but with such disparate versions, I am not sure that all will go perfectly. As an example, I had Adobe Production Studio CS2 installed on my laptop, and then later installed PrE 4.0. PrE broke everything in the Production Studio CS2 installation, and I had to do a Repair Install for every component. That fixed things. Apparently, Adobe had never considered that if one had PrPro CS2, and other components from the Production Studio, they would ever install PrE 4.0. Well, apparently many did, as Adobe had a KB Article on how to fix things, when they did. Just something to think about, and a potential to be aware of.


          Good luck,



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            isreba64 Level 1

            Thank you for your quick response B.H. However, I tried to complete the project in the older  version, and since my upgrade, I am unable to even open said project in that former version. I am receiving an error message, stating that, "the project could not be loaded. it may be damaged or contain outdated elements".  I guess once I upgraded, it canceled my functions in that older version. Go figure huh? leave it to me to have such problems...siiigh. I guess I will have no choice but to redo the entire project in PRE 10. But I do appreciate your hasty reply. Again much appreciated.

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              isreba64 Level 1

              I also noticed that this version seems to function very choppy. Meaning...no matter where I am in my project...it plays in a very choppy manner, and I have to continuously rewind, and replay in order for it to finally run smoothly. Is this always the case? i also noticed that it takes a while to do a command. If I drag an effect over to an image in the timeline...it takes until the next drag of another effect before the previous effect actually surfaces and adds itself to the image. Thereby lagging one effect behind at a time.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                As Bill says, you should not have opened a version 3 project with version 10. Doing so likely corrupted the project beyond repair. I hope you were able to find another copy of the project file so that you could complete it in version 3.


                Meantime, what type video are you editing? What type of camcorder did it come from and how did you get it into your computer?


                Which project settings did you select when you set up your Premiere Elements 10 project?


                If your project settings match your video specs and you have an adequately powered computer, you should not be experiencing any choppiness.


                How fast is your processor? Is your second drive an internal or external drive? An improperly set up second drive can certainly play very poorly. Many people make the mistake of setting up these drives in your operating system but not in their BIOS, for instance.

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                  VDOSurfer Level 3

                  How are you trying to open the project in PRE3? I do not think there will be an issue if you try to do a file->  open prel. There could be trouble if you double click the project file. This is because a later installation might take precedence and the incompatibility will be highlighted.


                  Just checking.

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                    isreba64 Level 1

                    Hello S.G. & VDO Surfer...sorry...didn't see this reply or the one after this by VDO Surfer till just now.


                    I create videos out of JPEGs, GIFs, and WMVs I find online. of course I give them credit at the end of my productions. I have but one that was not done for a client which is on youtube. that was my first ever. I am sure its not the computer giving me trouble, as I recently had a blue screen crash, and had to wipe it totally clean. in doing so I only uploaded the images and GIFs I needed to complete this tribute video I am creating.


                    I started it out in PRE 3, and when the comp crashed, I was able to get it off the old HD, and put in onto the other one. I didn't plan on upgrading until after I uploaded it onto  my new comp. Once I upgraded I began having all sorts of problems. It plays choppily, and acts as if it has to catch up with my prompts.


                    Again...I started this out in PRE3 so it was fine then. It did kind of the  same thing, now that I think of it. I had to keep rewinding it, in order to get it to play straight through  after it has caught up to itself. before I installed the upgrade I was online with the adobe chat rep. they told me all I had to do was download the newer versions and they would completely override the older versions. they didn't say that the projects previously created would be hindered by the newer version. and when I asked them that, they said 'oh no...no problem at all'.


                    So I did my homework. its ok though I will do it the old fashioned way. Back to the drawing board. I have already begun. and the funny part is, even doing it from the beginning...its still a little choppy. I guess that's how it is with this program. no matter if its a new project or existing one...it still plays back a little choppy.


                    I do have one question for you guys. When you have to delete and close a gap...why it is that it sometimes does not comply....causing me to move all of the frames over to fill the gap...manually?

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Some advice:

                      1) Ensure that none of the photos in your project is larger than 1000x750 pixels at 72 ppi, as detailed in the FAQ to the right of this forum.

                      2) Ensure that your project specs match your video format.

                      3) NEVER use WMVs as source video for editing in Premiere Elements.


                      Follow those rules and your choppiness should disappear.


                      As for delete-and-close-gap, it depends on whether you have selected the option to Delete or the option to Clear and if there is video or audio on a parallel track.


                      I really think you would benefit from some basic instruction with the program so that you can avoid some of the obvious pitfalls you keep stepping into. I offer books as well as tutorials on Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com as well as a free 8-part Basic Training tutorial series I urge you to work through before you commit to what appears to be a pretty complicated project. It will likely save you a lot of headaches later!


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                        isreba64 Level 1

                        Thanks S.G. I will definitely look into that tutorial of yours. as much of a nerd as I am...I still hate reading a lot of manuals, and I used to be an electrician for the railroad some time before my accident, so I almost never ever read manuals at all. But this time, I  guess there's no getting around it.


                        I will take U up on that offer...sigh...and start learning via instructions, and tutorials...wow...did those words actually come out of my mouth?

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                          VDOSurfer Level 3

                          Is the play back choppy because of your videos? What format and resolution are those? Try GSpot (It is a software ) and that will give you and hence us more details on it.