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    Customizing TaskForm.as




      I would like to customize TaskForm.as (and classes like TaskPDFForm.as) but I'm finding that the changes I put in TaskForm.as are not picked up in my custom containers. I'm wondering if there is a setting I'm missing to have my custom containers pickup my custom workspace-ui changes.


      In other words, imagine the following:


      Add a new function in TaskForm.as such as public function customSubmit():void {}


      Go to a container (like approval-container) and change DocumentAreaModel.as to call form.customSubmit(); instead of form.submit(); as created above.


      The container won't build and spits out the error:

      "Call to a possibly undefined method customSubmit through a reference with static type lc.procmgmt.ui.task.form:TaskForm"


      I believe the container is using the "regular" TaskForm class and not using the one I changed in the workspace-ui location. I tried changing the "Source path" in the custom container to point to the various workspace-ui locations but it doesn't seem to work.


      What am I missing, or is this something that isn't usually done? Is there another approach I can take if that's the case?