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    Flash CS3 Pro and Windows 7


      I'm having a couple of peculiar issues with Flash on my new computer and was hoping to get some suggestions on what might be causing them.  I have Windows 7 (64) and Flash CS3 Professional.  Flash itself installs fine and runs fine.  But two issues crop up. 


      The first is that, when Flash tries to update itself, it runs into multiple errors - saying that the source files have moved and so it can't update them.  I install everything into C:\ and make no changes to Flash's location during or after installation...so I'm not sure how anything could have moved anywhere other then where Flash would have wanted them to be in the first place. 


      The second issue is actually more of a problem.  Flash seems to be running some sort of interference with my internet connection.  This happens either immediately after I restart the computer after installation or (this last time) a few days later.  My computer boots up and, suddenly, I can't access the internet.  When I remove Flash and restart, my connection is fine.  I've never had this sort of problem before and I'm not terribly tech savvy so I'm not sure how to go about trouble-shooting it.  I tried doing a very bare-bones installation of CS3 to see if it was one of the extra programs causing the problem and it took a few days before the net conked out - but I eventually again had to uninstall. 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.