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    Accessing container's clippedContent


      You can clip the content within a content by setting clipContent to "true"


      <mx:Box id="box" clipContent="true" width="320" height="240">

              <mx:Image id="img"  source="http://www.helpexamples.com/flash/images/image1.jpg" />



      Is there any way to access this clipped content? I would like to decrease its opacity rather than have it clipped?


      Thanks, Norman

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          miguel8312 Level 3

          what are you tryig to acomplish? im sure there is a better way to do this then trying to access the clipped items. Once you clipp the item  is as if they are not on the stage however you can use scrollbars to scrolled to the clippings.



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            bullwrinkle Level 1

            Instead of clipping the extraneous portion of an image, I would like to just lower its alpha. So I was thinking that I could subclass the container (from mx.core.containers) and set its clippedContent to false and then override the updateDisplayList to change the backgroundAlpha value there.


            Thought that I might be missing something and there would be an easier way. I would prefer to act on only a single image and not attempt to replicate this by positioning two images (one full alpha and the other at reduced alpha) to make them appear as one.