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    Why is the audio on my export different than in Premiere Pro CS5.5?

    Chris & Linda L

      I edited a two-camera interview between a man and a woman in Premiere Pro CS5.5. The audio sounds very good through the external speakers connected to my Dell Laptop. The levels from both the man and woman are balanced and high fidelity. Upon completion of the edit I made a WMV file for client approval. When I play back the file the audio from the man sounds fine, however the audio level from the woman is low and sounds very poor, almost like low fidelity. When I went back to Premiere Pro on my laptop and disconnected the external speakers I noticed that I heard that same poor quality from the internal speakers. I'm confused that I am hearing a different mix between the external speakers and the internal speakers. I checked to make sure that everything was set for Stereo, not 5.1. What do I do next?