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    Having problems playing movies on my online portfolio


      I've been scouring the internet for an answer to my problem, but have yet to find one.


      I've set up a fairly simple online portfolio housing my animation, everything else runs smoothly, except when you get the portfolio section (as you can see if you go to my site: http://www.sugarpollution.com/). I've tried to have it so that videos will pop up and play and then you can exit them by clicking on the X button (which loops back to portfolio section on the timeline). However I have come across several errors that I cannot seem to fix ~ the sound of the video will play in the background if you prematurely exit it and then none of the links above the video buttons will work (which doesn't seem to happen except when you view a video).


      I'd paste the action script ~ but now I can't seem to find it which is perplexing, as it runs fine in the preview window.


      Help would be much appreciated, thank you.