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    Problems with a Script

    Jeffrey Timothy Valerie

      Dear Adobe Team and Supporters


      Let me first say that I hope I am at the right forum to send this as it is a problem I am trying to solve and I hope I could get some feedback or help to it's cause.


      I often use the BBC website to watch a lot of good programs that I have missed through the week.


      My browser is Mozilla Firefox and my PC a very old XP 2002, the Internet security I use is Kaspersky which I know does take up quite a lot of my RAM if not all of it, therefore my pages come up very slow indeed as am running on Gig Space 11GB out of 37.2 an old DELL Dimension 4400.


      The problem I am having is after some time my Adobe crashes while am watching a program and I often get a dialogue box asking me the choice to abort the script which I often say no to, but I also get another dialogue box which say that it's having problems with a script.


      What can I do to solve this problem other than adding more RAM and memory which I will do at a later stage.


      Please help


      Yours Sincerely


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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          "Adobe" is a lot of things. What particular software from Adobe crashes? (As this is the InDesign forum, and there are dedicated forums for every other piece of software they write.)


          It would also help if you could tell what script crashes. If you don't know, try to find out what scripts would be running at the time -- at least that could widdle the list of possible errors down from one quantazillion to just the ones installed on your system.