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    Some basic eBook hlep

    Harry Glosenger

      Hey guys,


      This is my first post to the forum so please be gentle... In brief, something I'm not known for, I've decided on the PDF format so I can offer my eBook to anyone owning a computer with an internet connection.


      Try as I may I've not been able to find a good step-by-step guide on converting a word doc into Acrobat X Pro for the purposes of an eBook. Ideally it would walk through the entire process including security, not allowing printing, copying etc.


      Another conversation I'd like to have is on the security issue. As I understand it you can only have one password making me think I'm missing something... Selling an eBook with one password seems problematical to me and thought there may be other security measures I've missed. Selling hundreds of thousands of eBooks, hey a man can dream, with one password doesn't sound like a good plan to me. So have I missed something?


      Thanks guys, eBooks and Acrobat X are both new to me so any help you're willing to give would be most appreciated.



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The only way to secure an ebook is through Digital Rights Management. A costly process. Work with a distributor that will encode your books in a secure fashion, or give up on restricting access. You might sell more books than you thing.

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            Harry Glosenger Level 1

            Hey Michael,


            First let me thank you for your reply.  I started into my eBook software search on PC products and found they offered good security where you can have some pages open for viewing and encrypting the others until the purchase is made. They can also limit the eBook to opening on one computer and have up to 1000 passwords. Then I'm reading a software review and found out only eBooks in PDF format can be read on all computers and realized that for me trumps everything else.


            Using the above as a backdrop I was very surprised to find that PDF software included little to none of these features and am concerned my book could be easily pirated. Do I understand from your reply that I may be overly concerned from the security standpoint?


            With "one password only" doesn't that mean one person can purchase an eBook and send it to all his buds along with the password giving all full access? I don't know Michael, it scares me to think I can't better protect something I've worked on for so long. Is there not something between "a costly process" and protection beyond one password?


            Thanks again,