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    RED - Red Rocket and Premier Pro CS5.5

    johnnyfriday Level 1

      First post here and glad to be on PP. I'm a FCP Ship Jumper....


      I'm an avid RED shooter...mostly underwater and have been since 2007 and first named RED cameras. I understand and know well the RED workflow....


      September 24, 2011


      using Premier Pro on my desktop and love it. However, it is not utilizing my Rocket Card.


      This is what i have done so far for downloads:


      1. Download CS5.5

      2. Download latest updates for CS5.5 from any of the programs by going to Help, Updates

      3. Download latest (9/12 update for PP) update for Premier Pro to 5.5.1 at:  http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=98&platform=Macintosh


      4. Download RED EPIC Importer at: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/redepic_importer/

      5. Downloaded LATEST ROCKET DRIVER: 1.4.16


      All Epic footage plays fine along with R1 footage in PP as well as in RCX Pro beta 3...ALL works great... EXCEPT I cannot get any Rocket acceleration within PREMIER....


      Questions or Posible places I screwed up:

      1. SHOULD i also download RED ADOBE CS4 Installer from RED Support page ?

      2. Is the LATEST ROCKET firmware 1.4.16 actually supported---on most the threads i hear folks talking about Rocket firmware 1.4.7


      LASTLY: maybe i need to activate the Rocket Card ? I've gone to project settings; and other places to see if there is a drop down box to activate the Rocket Card, but i don't find anything.....I'd expect i to be in Project Settings under General and then under Video Rendering and Playback....but that area is grayed out and will NOT let me change it...it's set to default Mercury Playback Engine Software......


      Thanks for feedback