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    How can I use the MPEG-2 DVD format for video rendering?

    MisserNotDrawnk... Level 1

      I have been trying to make a DVD out of my brother's wedding footage, but I've run into a wall. I would like to render out my footage in the .M2V format (MPEG-2 DVD), but I'm not given the option to use it. The only MPEG format I'm given is the .H264, and that doesn't work as well. How can I install the .M2V codec?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should either:

          1. Render to a suitable production codec and then compress for DVD in your authoring application.
            • Use the Render Cue to render a PhotoJpg at NTSC or PAL file using default frame sizes for your AE rendering composition, then drop in Encore for authoring.
          2. Open your AE project in Adobe Media Encoder, pick the composition you want to render from the list and pick the MPEG 2 for DVD preset.
          3. Open Adobe Encore, select File>Dynamic Link>Import After Effects Composition and then set up your timelines and menu's as you like and select Build DVD.

          All DVD authoring programs will compress standard def video in just about any format for DVD. After Effects, however, will not do multi-pass rendering which is required for high quality MPEG compression.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            How can I install the .M2V codec?


            There's nothing to install. The CoDec not being available means your AE is not properly installed/ licensed to begin with or, which happens regularly, one of those atrocious CoDec packs like K-Lite has messed with your system. In the latter caser you will in most cases have to reinstall everything from scratch, as there is usualyl no way to repair this by just reinstalling AE or whatever. Asidfe from this, you still need of course obey the format constraints of the DVD (video) specification. There simply is no way to e.g. encode HD size content to a DVD.