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    Which is best codec

    cjacs987654 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I currently edit using avchd using cs5 premiere pro and after effects. Despite my 'beefy' machine, I still get jerky playback at times, especially during multi camera work.


      My PC is windows 7 ultimate - 64 bit obvoiusly, i7 8 core - 16 gb memory - I use SSD drives for the system/adobe cache and the projects/source material etc. (all different SSD's) I have a GTX 260 graphics card.


      I am aiming to be able to edit smoothly and quickly.


      My question is in 2 parts:



      1. Using my existing setup, what else can I do to get rid of the jerky playback and be able to edit reasonaly fast and playback smooth.


      2. If avchd is the problem, would converting the material to another format first help, and if so, what codec/format would you recommend for best quality (not bothered about file sizes)


      If avchd is the issue here, I am considering purchesing an external recorder such as the atomos ninja to get the footage from my camera direct from the HDMI output therefore bypassing the compression system. Some devices

      record uncompressed, such as black magic shuttle and the ninja records to apple pro res. Your advice is appreciated on whether to record to uncompressed files or something like apple pro res or other.


      Would i have any problems with cs5 if I used apple pro res files?


      Ok sorry, it was 3 questions!!


      Thanks in advance for your help, hope i have given you the correct info you need, please let me know if you need anything else


      All i want is speed and and above all, quality, in my final output


      Chris Anderson