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    Help for best pre production method wanted with Canon XF305

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      I'm going to make some animations based on Canon XF305 footage and HDR images.


      The output is going to be used on a web page and displayed on a big size JWPlayer with a streaming service.


      I have to film with the 720 p 50mb/s rate because I want to take advantage of the 4:2:2 Color sampling (a lot of keying is going to be used!). My question is: What would be the best production order to get the best

      output at the end.


      * Is it advisable to convert the raw footage in Premiere - Pro before importing it in Aftereffects, or is it better to keep it in the original format?!


      I have a computer with 6 core Xenon 3.4, 24 Gig memory, GTX580 and two fast Raid 0 discs chained together.


      Adobe Production Suite CS 5.5.


      The compositions are not more then 6 layers at a time and will be merged later.


      Thanks David