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    Condition Problem



      in my scene i have a clip who contains for example 10 frames what i want to do is when this clip reach the frame number 10 my condtion became true else if this clip is in the frame 1-->9 condtion is false. can i do that ?
      thank you

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          assign a variable to false when you start and, on frame 10 of your movieclip, assign it to be true.

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            alaStickman Level 1

            i did it but it dosn't work :/
            what id did

            i wrote in the first frame of the clip

            in the last frame

            then in my condition i did








            is that true ? or i have to do somthing to make the code get in the movie clip ?
            thank you

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              that would be ok if your if-statement is on the movieclip's timeline AND your if-statement is executing at the right time (or is repeatedly executing). 


              if you're not getting the expected result and the above sentence doesn't help you solve the issue, explain the relationshipt between the timeline with your testing=false statement and the timeline with your if-statment and when you want to execute that if-statement.