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    Helllllp --clips, subclips, root timelines?!


      Idiot alert, everyone. Apologies in advance...



      I've been asked to create a short animation cycle in Flash, but I've never touched the program in my life. I was given the following instructions:



      - the 0,0 position must line up with the center of the characters

      body, so that means the legs should be centered on the X axis and the

      0 Y axis lines up with the neck placement.


      - the head clip must be animated but empty. I would animate the head

      normally then remove the subclip from inside the animated clip.


      - all animations must be on the same root timeline of the movieclip.

      subclip animations will not work.


      - all clips / tweens should be named properly according to their

      stage and body type and placed inside a folder in the flash library


      - base movie runs at 24 FPS so keep in mind when creating timing


      After beating my head against a wall for two days, I've got the character imported and animated, and (I think, at least) properly positioned. Now I'm completely baffled and I need a little hand-holding to get through the last few steps... I would really appreciate any help anyone could give me. I'm used to paper.