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    Help-How do I achieve this popular jewelry effect? I share my progress (also critiques are welcome)

    ZanderH85 Level 1

      The effect that I am after:

      http://www.jamesallen.com/engagement-rings/pave/White-Gold-2-1mm-French-Cut-Pave-Engagemen t-Ring.html


      I have the trap glow filter:



      And I'm thinking they may have used the curve plug in as well:



      But I am still having trouble replicating the effect on the James Allen website. I am wondering how they get they get the sparkles to move within the diamond. My guess is that they are rendering an alpha or maybe just a black and white material and then they are using a filter to adjust the curves within After Effects to get the contrast up within the diamonds. And then I am thinking they applied the filter to the alpha render and then they applied the trapcode filter to the black and white render and then set that layer to multiply in After Effects over the regular render.

      Here is an example of what I mean by adjusting a render of the jewelery with just black and white materials. You can see that I have adjusted the curves of this layer with the frischluft curves editor, for the purpose of adding effects to this layer and then I set the layer to multiply in after effects (so the star glow affects just the central part of the diamonds):


      Does anyone know exactly how I might achieve this effect? I feel like I am close but I have not been able to nail it yet.


      Here is my progress thus far:


      I used matrix to model, keyshot to render, after effects for post. I also noticed that swf files seem to be the only file format that allows my turntable to loop seamlessly. But I have to render the files in after effects as png sequences, and then compile them into a swf file in matrix and even though I am not selecting any kind of compression I am getting some artifacts. I double checked the renders from keyshot and they have no artifacts so I know that it is coming from after effects. So here is what I mean by artifacts: (The artifacts show up in avi files but not swf files).


      Thanks guys!