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    Premiere Elements 9 very slow rendering


      could anybody advise me as to why my premiere elements 9 renders so slowly on occasions?


      the airport on my mac is off, but just now it took 9 minutes to render just a few changes to a 1m36s piece of footage.


      having made a very small (split clip) change to the same footage, i rendered again, and this time it took a colossal 12 minutes.


      but then worse was to follow.


      when i saved and quit the application and returned to it, the red line at the top of the timeline indicated that, despite spending all that time 'rendering', it hadn't rendered at all.


      i would be very grateful for any responses. i need to use this software every day in a couple of months and if it works as badly as this it will put me in an early grave.


      i simply can't believe that a piece of software costing approx £100 and with relatively good reviews, can work so appallingly.


      thanks in advance.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The speed with which the program renders depends on what format the video is (and how well this format is matched by the project specs), whether it is high-def or standard definition, which effects are applied to it, how long the clip is and how fast your processor is. So it's hard to say if it is taking excessively long to render your video without lots more information.


          As for having to re-render certain sequences after closing the program, that is a bug in versions 8 and 9 of the program. I believe it may have been remedied in version 10 though.