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    Two separate videos in the same frame, and large format video.

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      I'm very new to this program.

      I've only done basic editing, such as this video where I took scenes from 3 different computer game replays and spliced them together.


      I own an eyefinity system (triple monitor) and record replays from games.

      The replays are half-size, but still 3008x600 pixels. Here's a sample of one reduced to fit in a 1920 pixel width.

      I want to get two of these in to one 16:10 or 16:9 frame.


      So two questions:


      1. Each time I try importing these avi's in to my Premier Project, they get cropped. The largest i've been able to make the sequence is 1280x1080. (sequence preset "DVCPROHD")

      I assume i'm missing something obvious...or there's a limitation of how many pixels wide Premier can deal with. If it's a width issue...I can resize the avi's first. Although I haven't seen a way to resize in Media Encoder without the upper and lower black bars...which I believe will create a problem. (see "Here's a sample" video above)


      2. I want to put two of these long rectangular replays in the same frame. Not overlapping, but one at the top of the frame...and the other at the bottom. Is this possible?

      The only thing I could find that came close was "multi-camera monitor". I was unable to figure that out. Is that what I have to learn about...in order to do this?



      Thanks very much.